At Cadia Fashion House, we value your privacy and safety on our website Your privacy is important to us, and that is why we ensure that your personal information and rights are protected at all times. Therefore, we request you to read this Privacy Policy page thoroughly, which contains complete information on how our website works and maintains your personal information. We handle your data to ensure that all your information remains transparent and handled with utmost care.

Processing of Personal Information

We only make use of your personal information when it is required for a website function or processing. Your personal information helps us understand your choices and preferences to provide you with the product and services you require. We also store your information when you log in as a new customer or an existing customer to process your order details. However, we ensure to collect your personal information with your consent, except when the information is required by the state, as prior consent is exempted in such circumstances.

We provide the highest protection for your personal information as it is one of our fundamental priorities. So to effectively prevent any losses or misuse, we take technical and organizational measures to ensure your information is protected. For example, employees, particularly, in charge of processing personal information, have confidentiality clauses in their employment contracts, and we ensure that they comply and abide by them.

Furthermore, we encrypt your personal information to ensure secure transmission. To communicate with you through your web browser, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is apparent to you through a padlock symbol displayed on your browser. This symbol indicates that the SSL has been established. We protect your personal information with the best upgraded technological standards at all times, even with advancing technology. The same policies apply to all the third parties that process and use your information to complete your order.

The purpose of processing and collecting your personal information is carried out for different reasons, all required by our business. For example, we collect, process, and use your data for contracts, newsletter deliveries, marketing activities, customer service and support, and, finally, processing orders for the goods we offer.

Storage and Usage of Personal Information

We encrypt any information that you provide us with while purchasing our goods. In addition, we record every visitor’s IP address, a unique identifier of a computer connected to the internet, to protect our business from any claims of spam or fraud.

We store and use the email addresses provided to us during checkout. The email address is then used for marketing purposes, updating any changes in our goods, informing of any new goods, and keeping you updated about discounts and promotions. We also use emails to communicate with you occasionally, ask for reviews, or get back to you about something you asked. We further store the content of the emails exchanged for record purposes, protected by passwords.

We store any information you provide through your telephone, email, or any other contact form to contact you when needed. The contact and the conversation are recorded and stored for evidence purposes following legal requirements. Your content for storing this data is obtained when filling the contact form where the privacy policy is referenced.

In order to prevent or investigate any misuse or some other illegal behavior on our website, we use and store your personal and technical information where necessary.

Disclosing or Sharing of Personal Information

Your privacy is our highest priority. That is why we only share or disclose any of your personal information to relevant third parties who help us provide you with superior customer service and a fantastic shopping experience. Since we provide our customers with procurement services, our business is affiliated with many businesses with whom we share your personal information, but not without your consent. However, suppose we fail to provide them with your information. In that case, there is no guarantee that you will be able to avail of our services as these businesses, including suppliers and delivery services, play a crucial part in your order processing.

We must share your personal information with the state when required by the law. However, to protect the company’s rights, safety, and property, we also have an obligation to enforce the terms and conditions set out by us.


Our website also uses cookies, which are essentially small data files stored on your computer, which help the browser identify you. Cookies are not harmful to the computer but help us create targeted ads and a personalized shopping experience for each customer.

However, there is an option for you to remain anonymous if you wish. Every browser provides this option, and you can find out more about it with the help of the toolbar.

Collection of General Data and Information

When you visit our website, it collects general information corresponding to each visitor stored in the server’s log files. Log files are created automatically by the browser to record the ins and outs of each visitor. The data collected includes the date, time, and frequency of the visits. It also includes information on how you accessed the website (hyperlink, targeted ads), the type of browser and its version, your computer’s operating system, your internet service provider, and the IP address of your computer connected to the internet.

We collect and store this general data and information to deliver the content of our website accurately. Furthermore, we use the data to optimize the website, ensure that our IT systems are secure, and use the data for marketing purposes, market research, and procuring goods to meet the demands of our consumers. We do this by analyzing the profiles of visitors, which gives us an insight into their preferences.

Your Rights

When it comes to your privacy, we want you to acknowledge your rights as well. After all, this is your personal information, and you have the ultimate right to edit or remove it from our website.

You reserve the right to acquire any personal information you want about yourself from the data we have. Following that, you can also make any edits or updates to your personal information.

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal information if you have doubts about the accuracy of your data stored about you. You can also ask us to erase any personal information we have stored unless data retention is necessary for legal reasons.


Our website has hyperlinks that can redirect you to other websites. We are not to be held responsible for any data security problems of other websites accessible via these links. We recommend that you make inquiries through these websites about their respective privacy policies.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

To make sure that our Privacy Policy is amenable to current legal requirements, we reserve the right to make changes to it at any time. This also applies where the Privacy Policy needs to be amended to accommodate new or revised policies about our products and services.


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