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Drape Crinkle Robe


One-Piece Drape Crinkle Finish Robe

UGX 185,000 27% Off

Fleece Night Robe


Plush fleece, Sherpa Lining Hooded Night Robe

UGX 210,000 28% Off

Soft Flannel Robe


Ultra-Soft Printed Blue Flannel Robe

UGX 210,000 28% Off

Soft Modal Robe


Soft Modal Robe with Deliccate Lace Trim

UGX 200,000 29% Off

Soft Star Print Flannel Robe


Ultra-Soft Star Print Blue Flannel Robe with Rabbit Ears Hood

UGX 175,000 40% Off

Robes or dressing gowns are a handy garment to have at home allowing you the freedom to wear anything you want to bed.  You can wear a mismatched/old/torn night suit to bed and not worry about wearing something decent on rising in the morning. Also, robes are great when there is a nip in the air, giving you warmth on chilly mornings as you start your day.

Also called housecoats, robes don’t have to be boring, dowdy, and functional. You can have fun with your night robes – buy them in different colors and fabrics. You could buy a nice satin robe or invest in a 100% cotton soft robe. You could personalize your dressing gown with your initials or buy a silk robe for a luxurious feel. 

Cadia’s fashion team has curated a collection of robes that range from simple functional robes for women to elaborate bridal robes. They are also available in different lengths and colors. 

Before investing in a night robe, keep the following things in mind –

  • Invest in good-quality cotton robes so that they feel soft against your skin and have greater longevity. 
  • Luxurious robes may need special wash care or they will fade over time. For instance, silk robes may not be ‘hand washed’. The same goes for bridal robes as they mostly have expensive lace, embroidery, or sequins so you may have to hand wash them. 
  • Length is important. Some robes stop at knee-length while others are ankle-length. Buy one that suits your needs. 
  • While buying online, ensure that you buy a night robe and not a bathrobe. Both are different. Bathrobes are made from cotton terry, chenille, and microfiber and are meant to absorb moisture, while night robes are made from cotton/silk/satin and have the same quality fabric and look like your regular clothes. 
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