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Tropical Printed Three-Piece Bikini Set


Three-Piece Bikini Set consisting Triangle Top, High Waisted Thong, Slit Sheer skirt

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Three-piece swimsuits are all the rage these days. You would have seen women lounging on the poolside with a drink in their hands and wearing a kimono over their bikinis. While there is no consensus on what the third garment should be apart from the bikini top and bikini bottom, it gives fashionistas room to experiment with their beach look. 

The third garment could be a mesh top, a kimono or a skirt or even a pair of pants, or a good old hat. The third garment adds an extra zing to your bathing suit and also provides coverage when necessary and protection from the sun. The three-piece bikini also transitions to loungewear as you can easily throw on a matching skirt over your bikini and step into a restaurant for a meal without having to change it first. 

Cadia’s fashion team loves this hot new trend of combining a skirt or a kimono with your teeny-tiny bikini. We have curated a collection of three-piece bathing suits that are fun, colorful, hot, and sometimes even luxurious.

If you are confused about how to wear this new bathing suit trend, then just follow these tips-

  • Buy a three-piece bathing suit that includes a matching skirt. The skirt would have the same design as your bikini top and bottom. A mesh maxi skirt would also be fun.  
  • Animal print three-piece bikini looks hot and fashionable. 
  • Three-piece that includes a mesh dress thrown over the matching bikini looks great in summer colors of yellow and orange. 
  • Three-piece swimsuits that come with matching pants help you transition into a modest full outfit from the pool to the poolside cafe.
  • Bandeau bikinis look especially hot with a matching bikini bottom and a slit maxi skirt. 
  • Kimonos have a luxe feel so if you are going to a nice resort, you may want to invest in a three-piece bathing suit that comes with a kimono in tropical or animal print.  
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