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Two-piece swimwear suits or bikinis for women are cute, sexy, and look great in Instagram photos.

They are also available in different styles and patterns making shopping for women’s swimwear fun and therapeutic.  

It was a French Designer in 1946 who made the daring move of presenting a bikini on a model back in 1946. Since then, the bikini has evolved to look sexier, daring, and delightful. The bikini is also empowering as it encourages women to accept their bodies as they are and flaunt them with pride and without any inhibition. Sometimes, it motivates you to lose the unhealthy flab and gravitates you towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. That said, no matter what size you are, whether petite or plus size, you can always don a bikini and look fabulous! 

At Cadia, our fashion team has curated a collection of bikinis for women that are colorful, flamboyant, avant-garde, of the latest designs and patterns. We have micro bikinis, high-waisted bikinis, string bikinis, tankinis, thong bikinis, and Brazilian bikinis. You name it and we have it for you in a two-piece.  

As mentioned earlier, there are different styles of bikinis that have evolved over the years. Let us find out which one of the three would be the most perfect for you –

  • Bandeau bikini – A bandeau bikini has a strip of cloth that covers your breasts with a regular bikini bottom. Think of a bandeau as a narrower tube top that is ideal to show off your washboard abs. 
  • Microkini – The microkini is possibly the hottest of hot bikinis, it gives your body minimal coverage while giving off a sultry, sexy vibe. It just covers the genitals and leaves everything else to the imagination
  • Tankini swimsuits – Tankinis are a modest version of the legendary bikini. It is a tank top worn with normal bikini bottoms. These are perfect for women who don’t enjoy taking a dip in the lake wearing bikini tops because they worry about wardrobe malfunctions or those ladies who love rough adventure sports. 
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